Starting from our love for technology and many wonderful things in life, we build an ecosystem for all of us where we can express ourselves to the fullest. From the wise wizard of online business, the creative sorcerer of marketing, the brilliant technocrat, and the amazing illustration magician, we have it all.

We started years back in 2003 our name was “Orbytz” back then. starting with only a few people, we grew to a mighty 50 people. back then, our vision simply to support businesses in establishing their online presence. It was an amazing ride with the whole team.

In 2008 we change our name to “DelapanPintu”, which means literally “eight doors”. The changes mark our 8 main services. This was another amazing journey and adventure we had.

In 2015 we improve again, we reach another dimension of service and products. We want to bring our team, partners, and clients to fly higher between clouds. Our services grew again and now we handling a broader dimension.

Our family stronger, our expertise more diverse, and we glad that you are now closer to becoming part of our family.

Best Regards,
Darwin Liem
Founder and CTO

“Delapan” means number eight, a number representing our main core services and a symbol of our infinite continuous evolution, improvement and reach.

“Cloud” is representing our vision for reaching the sky and symbolize our passion in the business as high as the sky where cloud are reside.¬†¬†

It is always our struggle to describe or categorize our service. But we manage to group it into 8 main categories:

  1. Business and Technology Consulting.
  2. Digital Technology Development.
  3. Digital Creative Production.
  4. Product Development.
  5. Digital Enabler/Activator.
  6.  Technology Management.
  7. Technology Investment.
  8. Cross Technology Integration.
We need to be clear that we are a business and we need to make money to grow, but we can manage something close to FREE. Yes, you read it right!

Our business ecosystem is very unique, you would be surprised by our diverse financing solutions for your needs. But until you describe your problem, we can not find the right solution, including the financing solution.

Just give us a call describe your problem and challenges, we can figure something out.

Yes, we can. Our team would likely enjoy having a cup of coffee during the day with you. Just give us a call, or drop us an email or any other method that convenient for you.



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Digital is not your main concern, you need to focus on your business. We understand that you need to keep with the world’s demand and keep evolving. But when you shift your attention from your business targets to digitalization, most of the time you lost focus, and you know what that means.

We have been in the game for years, our experts are here for you. let us handle the digital thingy and run your business “automagically“. We will be with u all the way, while you focus on what really matters.


If you must know how diverse we are, here our top players to ease your curiosity. This a glimpse from our full force.

DARWINOnline Business Consultant
TITISCreative Campaign
PEPENWebsite Experts
IORDigital Art Creator
ARIMobile Developer
QQDigital 3D Architect